Pink Rizla Riddims is an all-female DJ collective based in Preston, UK, rinsing 140s, bouncy Bassline, Jungle, and dynamic Drum and Bass. 

Aiming to provide a safe, inclusive space in which they promote female empowerment in the scene, Pink Rizla Riddims will include bringing immersive, sensory rave experiences in the North West, in collaboration with the circus troupe Hoopnotix.


When DJ High-P out to ask to use an existing gun fingers artwork of mine, I loved the sound of what they were doing. 

The logo became a collaborative creation that they could own and rep. 


Recolouring, and reformatting to suit a logo better, what resulted was a new logo that referenced where Pink Rizla Riddims had come from, and where they were headed.


With the addition of their typeface, and the hoop-like tracks around the edge, this was ready to share. 

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