Keep It Real is a new podcast by vocalist Ruth Royall, with guests from the drum and bass scene and beyond, discussing what it means to keep it real on social media, in a world of fake news and filters.

I had the privilege of collaborating with Ruth on the design of the artwork, having taken part in the #keepitreal Instagram takeover in Summer 2020 creating a new illustration.


Hers was a rallying cry to rebel against unrealistic beauty standards. The drum and bass community rose to the challenge and joined Ruth by posting images of themselves with #keepitreal painted on their body. These flooded Instagram with positive images intended to spread the message that we are enough as we are!


Ruth's podcast will keep the discussion going. On how we can all feel the pressure to look perfect all the time on our screens, in our professional and everyday lives. I cannot wait for the first episodes to drop in January 2021.


Featuring chats with Eva Lazarus, Riya, Tempza, and more voices from the drum and bass scene and beyond. Ruth is no stranger to the spotlight, fronting Bristol's Paper Dragon. Her collaborations with the likes of Grafix, Pola & Bryson and Ekko and Sidetrack earned her a nomination for Best Vocalist in the Drum&BassArena Awards 2020.

The response to the #keepitreal artwork has been so kind, and so I printed up posters.


These are for sale in my shop, and I'm donating £5 from every purchase to mental health charities, as we all deserve to feel good about ourselves and our bodies. 


To listen and subscribe to the Keep It Real podcast, find on Spotify and iTunes.


For more information, head to ruthroyall.com, or join the Facebook group by searching 'Keep It Real'.